Best Televisions, Computers, Consumer Electronics and Accessories Sold in Amazon For The Year 2021

Television in India, let’s start from which were most popular during that time and used to produced by famous BPL, Videocon and Onida.

Today is the world of LED television, LCD televisions, Smart TV and Android TV integrated with the Android operating system, a replacement for Google TV and Apple TV is a television set sold by Apple Inc.

# Samsung

Samsung Electronics is the largest manufacturer of customer electronics in the world and also the biggest manufacturer of smartphones, laptops, television, memory chips and semiconductor.

Samsung is the most trusted brand in India, also became the world’s largest smartphones manufacturer and sells lower-priced handsets in the Indian market.

# LG

LG Electronics is a South Korean electronics company and its main products were refrigerators and washing machines in the Indian sub-continent. The company is now the second-largest LCD television manufacturer in the world and also started selling TV in India that would repel mosquitoes.

# Sony

Sony is a Japanese corporation, houses diversified businesses like consumer electronics, video games and music entertainment. The Sony Corporation is the 5th largest television manufacturer in the world and the group consists of Sony Mobile, Sony Music and Sony Pictures.

# Panasonic

Panasonic is a Japanese electronics company and one of the top 5 largest television manufacturers in the world. Panasonic Corporation has also released series of Android Smartphones in India as well as makes home appliances products like Microwave Ovens.

# Micromax

Micromax joined the Mobile handset business and become one of the top Indian smartphone companies. Now Micromax competes with Chinese mobile companies and likewise entered the tablet, computer and LED television market.

# Philips

Philips is the popular Dutch multinational conglomerate company including one of the biggest electronics companies in the world. Philips Electrical began operations in 1930 and started manufacturing radios, light bulbs, headphones, speakers, Philips beard trimmer and LED televisions.

# Onida

Onida Electronics was very much famous in India for its colour CRT televisions in the 1980s and also for popular ads of a devil with horns and tail.

Mirc Electronics owns the Onida television brand and today has a wide range of products such as Plasma TV, LCD TV, Air conditioners Microwave ovens, LED TV and washing machines.

# Mi TV

Xiaomi Corporation has started selling wearables accessories and home appliances such as television in India. Mi TV is super slim, packed with features and brings you the best audio experience.

# Haier

The Chinese customer electronics company is in the business of designs and manufactures home appliances in India, such as washing machines, refrigerators and air conditioners.

Haier LED TVs in India claimed to elevate your viewing experience with a list of features such as a Volume leveller, HDMI port, USB convenient connection and Full HD program.


BPL Group is an Indian electronics company headquartered in Bangalore, manufactured colour televisions, refrigerators and another customer electrical equipment, also had a joint venture with Sanyo.

# Videocon

Videocon Telecom was a brand once upon a time in India, now an Indian cellular service provider that also allows mobile services, DTH set-top boxes, and channel packages.

Intex Technologies, BPL Group, Thomson Televisions, a brand of television, Toshiba, Hitachi have also made a major addition to the TV industry in India.

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